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Poetic Thoughts: Bridges

Somewhere there is a bridge that connects my heart to yours. Please follow and like us:

Poetic Thoughts: Anxiety

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She plays on your fears she hides from the sun she thrives on your doubts she cannot be undone give her time and she will make you crack give her time and you can never look back It’s never easy… Continue Reading →

Poetic Thoughts: Aspirations

Puzzle pieces and aspirations of an introvert’s life. What’s yours?

New Poetry Wednesdays – Acceptance

I’d like to think that I’m not too much nor too little. I’d like to think that I accept who I am, flaws and all. I’d like to think that I will never let my curiousity dwindle: that’s who I… Continue Reading →

Poetic Thoughts: On Ways of Solitude

there are hundreds of ways solitude speaks to me and to you. some are as simple as searching the skies and finding that peace alone while other times silence answers your questions, where you find it chasing away your constant… Continue Reading →

Poetic Thoughts: Evening Light

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Featured image by Lis Roger. Please follow and like us:

An American Tragedy

The below poem represents my initial thoughts and perceptions regarding the recent election of Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States.     Follow me on Instagram for more poetry.   Please follow and like us:

Poetic Thoughts: Modern Romance

  [enter] Tales of romance and fairies are all but fantasy in this modern age of cryptic texts and no second chance.   What chance do I have to find a Prince Charming? Independence is all I ever seek, so… Continue Reading →

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