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Word of the Year 2019: Focus

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  Taking a cue from Lola Åkerström, I want to begin a series on Word of the Year starting this year. Right now. 2019 is meant for change, and most importantly: Focus As a writer, I am captivated by words,… Continue Reading →

On a Study of Self

Do you ever study yourself? As a photographer, model, and writer, I find myself doing just that. If I am taking a self-portrait, I not only work with the creative direction of the shot – setting it up, composing it… Continue Reading →

30 Things to Do Before I Turn 30!

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It’s New Year’s Eve and I have been MIA on this blog for a few months. To my followers, I am grateful you’ve stuck by me. I envision various things for this blog in 2019 and I have been working… Continue Reading →

Foreign Films & Series: Introduction

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I want to start a new series about the entertainment I watch, or have watched in the past, that has had an impact on my life and my perceptions of the world. Almost a decade ago, I was introduced to… Continue Reading →

On a Study of Mountains and Roads

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Since coming back from Norway, I haven’t been able to travel far or wide to capture what is in my imagination. I am overwhelmed by a number of ideas and must contend with the fact that I am currently unable… Continue Reading →

On a Study on Autumn

  Autumn is here and in full swing! It’s one of my favorite times of year. Here are a few good shots I took in the White Mountains this weekend. I hope you enjoy them! Cheers!      

On a Study of Depth

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Over a number of weeks I have been participating in weekly photography challenges. In this case, we were challenged with depth (of field). I currently own an amatuer camera: a Canon EOS Rebel T6 with a couple of starter lens…. Continue Reading →

Spotlight: Paul Penn

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Several weeks ago, I got to interview my friend Paul Penn. If you read any of his poetry, you will find that it has a neat rhythm and is typically lyrical. Many times, for example, he has collaborated with @babsginger… Continue Reading →

On Trains, Planes, and Cars: Norway Edition

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Ok, so besides taking the T-bane and Flytoget in the capital of Oslo, I didn’t take many trains on my recent trip to Norway. Nevertheless, on both trains, everyone was quiet. Even going into the T-bane stations, I was surprised… Continue Reading →

Poetic Thoughts: Anxiety

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Close your eyes Breathe Hear the sound of your heartbeat. Anxiety is a raging storm inside Its thunder is your hidden pain Its lightning, your flashes of reason It manifests your imperfections into a seemingly perfect, beautiful mess. And you… Continue Reading →

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