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Poetic Thoughts: Anxiety

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You see I know you by name You know I don’t always have control. There’s something I can’t shake You know, it’s you. I can make it, you can break it. Just wait, til I’m livin my best life. You… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Oslo, Hello Helsinki

After spending nearly a week in the capital of Norway, I decided to visit Helsinki again where my cousin currently lives. Not to confuse anyone, but her name is also Elizabeth – just spelled with an s instead of z…. Continue Reading →

The Liebster Award

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I have only been seriously blogging for about two to three months, though I prematurely started this blog last September in preparation for my recent trip to Norway and Finland I took. More to come on my solo traveling adventure,… Continue Reading →

Poetic Thoughts: On Ways of Solitude

there are hundreds of ways solitude speaks to me and to you. some are as simple as searching the skies and finding that peace alone while other times silence answers your questions, where you find it chasing away your constant… Continue Reading →

The Life of an Introvert

What is a life of an introvert like, find out here.

Nostalgic Films: Disney Edition

Hi again! As I complete my last semester of paralegal studies, I find I have spent less time maintaining this blog – something I hope to work on in the the coming months. To those of you who continue to… Continue Reading →

Terms of Endearment and Me

By Elizabeth Boyd Miller Here’s the deal. I have a love/hate relationship with terms of endearment. In writing, I may use “dear,” “darling,” or another related term in an attempt to express my thoughts. But only when they are justifiable… Continue Reading →

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