How to Make an American Quilt

That’s a good question that I don’t know the answer to.

This ’90s throwback recently came on Netflix and, because it starred Wyonna Ryder, I decided to watch. How to Make an American Quilt is a story woven of love and life, stitched together with friends who’ve formed deep connections over the decades.

Finn (Ryder), a writer and a graduate student, decides to finish her master’s thesis at her grandmother’s house in Grasse, California. As the small community of women begin creating a quilt inspired by “where love resides,” each woman has a chance to tell Finn where they each found love. Sometimes it was love lost, sometimes love prevailed; but nevertheless, each woman’s story empower’s Finn to make her own choices.

The elements of a story slowly come together, just like a quilt. It’s evolution depends on character development and motivations. It depends on its setting and location. It depends on the tone of voice and narration.

I’m not particularly good at arts and crafts, despite being a writer. Perhaps that is why I relate to Finn’s character. She’s curious and bright; she questions the world around her. And she writes. Her story is interwoven with that of her grandmother and the knitting groups’.

On Life and Relationships

Relationships are challenging. This story reflects on that, whether it is between family or friends.

Life throws us curveballs and fastballs. We don’t always know if we will hit a home run and, as seemingly important, find true love. When that expectation is met, then there’s a belief in the “happily ever after.”

At least that’s what the normal rom-com seems to indicate.

Either way, this movie does not necessarily fall into that category and deserves to be watched at least once.