I am a solitary wanderer.

I am a writer and poet.

I am sometimes a curator.

Why did I choose The Solivagant Writer? Because, by definition, a solivagant is someone who is just that: a solitary wanderer.
I dream of being able to travel the world someday, writing stories of the places I see and the people I meet along the way. And someday that dream will become a reality. Just like becoming a successful poet and author is.
But I don’t want to share just my story, so I have included a section for Interviews. The other sections will feature my thoughts, my writings, and my story with you.
For most of my life I have been grateful to have traveled across most of the Lower 48, either for work or leisure. Nearly five years ago, I had the opportunity to travel across Europe. I will never forget that time. I will generally be open-minded and sometimes enjoy conversations with strangers. Maybe I will share some of my stories from that trip in due time.
Cheers for now!