I spent three weeks in Scandinavia, Norway and Finland to be specific. I had chosen my destination points wisely, visiting the metropolitan hubs of Oslo, Helsinki, and, in Northern Norway,  Tromsø. I thought spending five days would be enough to explore the island of Senja, but based on my experience, it’s not. However, without a doubt, it was my favorite location on the trip.


Tungeneset on Senja, Norway taken by me

The image above is of Tungeneset (or Okshornan), which is also popularly known as Devil’s Teeth. Okshornan is the mountain range in the background. For more information on the island of Senja and connect with a local, check out BeaTravelling.
The closest city, Finnsnes, has a population of just 5,000 people. I don’t know what it directly translates to, but from my basic understanding of Norwegian, Finnsnes would mean “Pleasant Bay.”** As a writer, I can already imagine living and working there. I don’t know why I felt like I belonged, but I did.  Perhaps it was the northern hospitality. Or the awe-inspiring landsapes. Or the peace and quiet that I have desired to have all my life.
**Finnsnes may translate to Nes = headland. Finns can be either something that belongs to a man name Finn, or it could be related to a fjord a little bit south.