ie, what I didn’t get a chance to see or do in Oslo.
Barcode Oslo
With the Oslo Opera House nearby this neighborhood, I don’t know how I forgot to visit this place. Either way, the next time I visit Oslo I would be sure to visit the neighborhood for its unique architectural design.

There are many parks surrounding greater Oslo that I had no chance to visit alone or with a local guide; I had heard of this place from two strong women on Instagram, @bodildall and; their perspectives of friluftsliv are quite inspiring to a foreigner like me wholly interested in the concept. I imagine other markas are equally as beautiful.

Soerenga Public Pool
I love swimming.
Enough said. (And yes, I do imagine the water is generally freezing cold).
The Palace Park
Many American cities seem to lack a sufficient amount of acres reserved for city parks. To my knowledge, and personal experience, European cities do not. While I visited the Vigeland Park in Oslo, I did not spend much time near the Royal Palace.
Norwegian Resistance Museum
Located inside the grounds of the Akker Castle, this museum details Norwegians’ efforts to defend their country during World War II. I visited the place years ago and would love to check out the exhibits again.
Litteraturhuset – The House of Literature
I am a lover of literature, if you didn’t already know, so I don’t know how I forgot to see this gem in the city of Oslo. Litteraturhuset literally translates to Literature House (I believe). On the company’s website, it claims it is the nation’s hub for literature, culture, and debate. I should visit the next time I am in Oslo.

If you are like me learning the Norwegian language, listen to the podcasts here.