“The earth has music for those who listen.”

I read this caption a photo from that region over two years ago. That is when I knew I needed to add Senja to my bucket list.
Indeed, if you listen to the winds and the ocean waves, then there is music all around you; if you feel the mountain air, then you feel grounded to the earth; and if you touch crystal clear lake waters, then you will discover small ripples on the surface.
If you can have a love affair with a place, then Senja is mine.
Yes I know that seems strange to say, but it is definitely true.
I spent the majority of my time there alone: alone with my thoughts, alone hiking in the mountains, alone driving along the scenic route. On the road I listened to P5 Hits: just me, my thoughts, and music. Perhaps it was therapuetic. Perhaps it was the peace and quiet I had always dreamed of. Perhaps I was living my own little fairy tale.
Hailed as both Norway in Miniature (Norge i miniatyr) and the fairytale island (eventyrøya), its hard to say which one describes this island better. As a skeptic I didn’t  believe that a place could invoke centuries’ old legends and fairy tales like this.
But Senja does.
With its charming villages, with its friendly and humble inhabitants, and with its dramatic landscapes.
Of course, I haven’t read any fabled stories about the island, if there are any. If there aren’t I’d be happy to discover them myself and write a collection of fairy tales inspired by Senja Island.
*Featured image is a self-portrait on Segla, perhaps the most famous peak on the island of Senja.

Do you hear the music?