After my friendly welcome to Senja, I spent the majority of time alone.
Alone in thought. Alone hiking the mountains. Alone in my rental car, driving around the island. Alone listening to P5 Hits, a Norwegian radio station that plays the current national and international music hits.
For many of us, the thought of being alone is not a welcome prospect.
For me, it was.
I listened to songs, albeit even singing along the best I could in the car. (Fact: I am usually embarassed to sing in front of others). Below are a few of them that are close to my heart.

Walls – Ruben

Perhaps the song that meant the most to me during my drives around Senja was “Walls” by Norwegian artist Ruben. Little did I know that the music video had been filmed on the island as well, making it all the more special to me.

So why this song? Here’s a hint.

But the wind has changed
My walls are weakening
They’re gonna fall soon
And I’m gonna need you.

There is a story behind every song. The same could be said about a book. And while I’m still working on my first poetry collection, this song will be my one constant reminder of how wonderful Norway is.
Perhaps it is because the winds on Senja were incredibly strong when I went hiking the first time. I was unfamiliar with them, almost felt how powerful their invisible force was, that I was scared to reach the summit of Hesten.
Or perhaps the upbeat rhythm of the song.
But some things do not always need an explanation. Because, like all forms of art, it can be open to interpretation: between the writer and reader, between the songwriter and the listener, between the painter and the observer.
Nevertheless, this song stuck with me.

Lonesome Dreams – Lord Huron

I lie under starlit sky
And the seasons change in the blink of an eye
I watch as the planets turn
And the old stars die and the young stars burn
But I don’t really know this place,
And it’s lonesome here in the wide-open space
Can it be as real as it seems?
Maybe this time I won’t wake from the dream
Songwriter: Ben Schneider (aka Lord Huron)

I have been listening to this song for at least two years now, if not longer. Lonesome Dreams is one of my favorites by artist Lord Huron, a Los Angeles-based folk band.

Wolves – Selena Gomez

I am particular about the songs and artists I listen to. I prefer songs and lyrics that have heaps of meaning within them versus ones that sound like jibberish. According to Genius, Gomez shares more about her personal struggles.
Gomez said, “We created a really cool tone and a story with Wolves. The song is very beautiful and personal and the lyrics just have a whole story of their own.” And according to an interview with Beats 1 Radio, Gomez wants “her music to be a lot more meaningful.”

Trolle og Den Magiske Fela – Alexander Rybak

Ok, so I will admit that I discovered this cute album by the talented Alexander Rybak after my visit to Senja; nevertheless, I think it captures the mythical and magical landscapes of Norway very well.


Find worldwide shipping of the book here.

If you are interested in the fairytale traditions of Norway, you should check it out. I may need to buy this book, for the sole purpose of learning Norwegian (of course)! haha Til I do, I will enjoy listening to the music on Spotify.

Do you ever find music that you love that reminds you of a place you visited?