I want to start a new series about the entertainment I watch, or have watched in the past, that has had an impact on my life and my perceptions of the world.
Almost a decade ago, I was introduced to Scandinavian dramas and series. At that time I was in my youth, already inquisitive about America’s northern neighbor, Canada, having devoured reading ecyclopedia articles on the topic. It was likely because of films I watched in my childhood. (Read any of articles on Nostalgic Films to understand more. Although, I have yet to include an entry on adventure and survival films).
Anyway, I watched Borgen, a Danish TV series about a female prime minister and how her powerful position affected her family life, Troubled Water, a Norwegian film originally entitled DeUsynlige about a young man who is released early from prison and must come to terms with his past mistakes, and The Baltic Coasts, a documentary TV series exploring the way of life around the Baltic sea.
Cheers for now!