It’s New Year’s Eve and I have been MIA on this blog for a few months. To my followers, I am grateful you’ve stuck by me. I envision various things for this blog in 2019 and I have been working to get them done this year, 2018. While I should probably stick to one niche (photography, writing, or travel), I probably won’t. You see, I consider myself a pretty diverse individual. And each of these interests remain a part of who I am.

But next year I hit a milestone.

I turn 30!

Finish My First Poetry Collection
Start a Business
Move Abroad
Improve My Photography
Write Everyday
Travel More Slowly
Stay Focused
Hike the Fjällräven Classic (Sweden)
Get Out of Debt and Save Money
Live in the Moment
Connect with Creatives
Go on a Road Trip with Friends
Start My Second Poetry Collection
Visit the Pacific Northwest
Publish a Book
Learn to Speak Norwegian
Learn to Live a Minimalist’s Lifestyle
Less Time on Social Media

Maybe I can’t name 30 different things….hmmm

That’s okay, right?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list so far. If I come up with any other must-see or must-do things I would like to complete, then I will update this list accordingly!

Just curious, what would be on your 30 Things To Do Before You Turn 30? Write them in the comments.

And Have a Happy New Year’s! Here’s to 2019.